Book Reviews


By: Abbey

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a great book by Roald Dahl. The characters are the three (nasty) farmers. First, there is Boggis who is a mean chicken farmer who keeps his chickens so fat (like enormously big) in a pen house. Bean, is a turkey and apple farmer who only drinks apple cider. Bunce is the duck and goose farmer who is really short and eats dumplings all day.

The next group of characters I want to tell you about are Mr. Fox, Mrs. Fox and the four little foxes. Mr. Fox (the main character) is very clever and is a great hunter that always brings meals for the family. Everyday he would ask Mrs. Fox, “What shall it be my darling? Ducks and gooses from Bunce? Chickens from Boggis? Or turkey from Bean?” Each day, Mrs. Fox would choose something and Mr. Fox would go hunt it down. Mrs. Fox was very sweet and loved her children very much. The four little foxes were very sneaky and funny. Last but not least, was Mr. Bager. He was very sweet and loving. Mr. Badger cared for his children and other animals too.

This story is about a battle between Mr. Fox and the farmers. Mr. Fox is stealing the farmers food to feed his family and leaves the farmers wondering where all their food was going. The farmers were determined to find out who was stealing their food so they hid behind a bush and waited all night to see who was stealing their food. But Mr. Fox could smell them so he tiptoed so quietly to the pen house, grabbed some chickens and made a run for it. Suddenly, the farmers saw him and started shooting but Mr. Fox managed to get away. Although he got away he didn’t escape unharmed, his tall was shot off by one of the nasty farmers. When he got inside he was in a lot of pain. Mrs. Fox ran over to him and took a look at his bottom and gasped, “Your bottom is all swollen and your tail is missing!”  

The farmers didn’t give up, next they got their bulldozers and started digging Mr. Fox’s hole. But clever Mr. Fox acted quick and said to his family, “dig as deep as you can!” They dug so deep the farmers weren’t able to reach them and the foxes got away again. Then Mr. Fox had an idea to dig a tunnel to inside Boggis’ chicken house. So he did just that with the four little foxes and they made it! Next he grabbed some chickens and told his son to run as fast as he could to Mrs. Fox.

The tunnel was so great they decided to build more tunnels to Farmer Bunce’s goose and duck house and Farmer Beans storage house. They ran into Mr. Badger and his son Junior on their way and Mr. Badger told the foxes that everyone was starving to death. So Mr. Fox told  Mr. Badger’s son to go and tell everyone that was hungry to meet at Mr. Fox’s house for a big feast. Then he ran to go get the other animals. They even got some apple cider and went back to the Foxes house and had the big feast.

In the end the farmers were still trying to catch the fox. The farmers tried to be clever but they couldn’t outsmart Mr. Fox! I rate this book five stars because it is funny, entertaining and fun to read. I hope you have fun reading this book.

Genius Files You Only Die Twice

By: Vincent

 Genius Files You Only Die Twice is a novel by Dan Gutman.  The story takes place in Washington D.C., North Carolina, Rose Hill, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Graceland. The characters are: the McDonald’s twins Coke and Pepsi, Aunt Judy, Dr. Warsaw, bowler dudes, health teacher Ms. Higgens, Mr. and Mrs. McDonalds and Evil Elvis.  This book is a continuation of The Genius Files Mission Unstoppable.  There is a lot about Coke and Pepsi’s adventurous escapes from evil Dr. Warsaw and his henchman.  

The family takes a cross country trip, and all the while they are being followed by Dr. Warsaw’s gang.  Coke, Pepsi and their parents were traveling in a rental R.V. and making stops in very interesting places.  Their parents had no idea what their children were going through like when they were caught or in strange accidents.  For example, Coke getting almost shredded in a giant shredder, or Pepsi being almost chemically burned with Pepsi by Evil Elvis.  Also, they were both almost exploded to pieces by Evil Elves.  Every time Coke and Pepsi were trying to tell their parents about their accidents they thought it was a joke.  This book shows some of the most fascinating places in America.  

I like this book because it has lots of action and knowledge about America.  It’s a really good book that I give five stars.

On The Field With… Mia Hamm

By: Maja

This is an amazing story about a young girl named Mia Hamm who loves soccer. I love this book because I want to be like Mia Hamm when I am older! She is my favourite soccer player. The characters in the story are Mia Hamm, her good friend Michelle Akers, and last but not least there is Coach,  Dorrance.

 Now, let me tell you about the book. In the beginning of the book, it talks about how when she was younger she used to go to every one of her brothers soccer games and she would beg her parents to put her in soccer but they kept saying that she was too young. Every time she went to one of her brothers soccer games, each time the ball came closer to her she would start chasing after it. Eventually, Mia started to grow older and finally her parents let her start playing soccer, she was so excited! She first started out on a hoselege team called the Carolina Tar Heels, but the coach thought she was too good so he told her to go to a better team. Then she tried out for a new team and stayed on that team until she was 16.

Finally, her coach called his good friend Dorrance who is the coach of the U.S national team, he was also very famous for soccer at one time. Then when Dorrance finally got there Mia’s coach told him about Mia and asked if she could play on his team. Dorrance said, ”I’d like to see Mia play before I have her on my team.” So, Mia’s coach set up an exhibition game and told Dorrance he could see her play in that game. When Dorrance saw Mia play on Saturday he was amazed and he said right away that he would have her on his team!

Mia started playing on the national team when she was only 16! No one has ever been that age or young when they first started on the national team.  When Mia joined the national team everyone loved her and when the crowd saw her play in her first game they knew that she was going to be a star! In the end of the book, team U.S.A plays against team China in the Olympics. It was a hard match but U.S.A beat China 1-0! They were still tied 0-0 when the whistle blew so then they went into a 15 minute overtime and were still tied so they went into a shoot out, finally it was Mia’s turn to shoot, before she shot the ball she thought of her brother and how ill he was. As the reff lined up the ball she new she had to do it for him. Slowly, she wound up for the ball and ran after it. She blasted an amazing shot  that was going right into the top left corner and the goally did NOT touch it! She saw that her teammates were screaming (some even crying!) and her brother was in the stands cheering for her. Team U.S.A had one the Olympics!  

Mia had won a bunch of awards but the best award for her was supporting her country. Everyone was lifting her up! When she came off the field her brother ran after her and gave her a huge hug that made Mia feel so good! A few weeks after that her brother was so ill that he died. After that she didn’t play in most of the teams games but they still won!

I would give this book 5 stars because I am not usually a good reader and I don’t normally want to read books. But I loved reading this book and every day I came home from school I wanted to read it!

The Mysterious Benedict Society

By: Rosie

The Mysterious Benedict  Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is a series of three books. Every one of them different in their own way. This book has so many characters I can’t even list them all. The main ones are Rennie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance and their leader Mr. Benedict. It is called The Mysterious Benedict  Society because Constance came up with that name. Another reason they’re called that is because they’re undercover. The problem in this story is that a guy Mr. Curtain is trying to paralyze kids and when Mr. Benedict finds out he gets one of his friends to put up flyers for a test to save all kids. The four kids see it, want to take the test. So, they all take the test, pass the test and they go to the island where they stay there for awhile.

Rennie leaves a note at the end of the bridge and almost gets caught! Sticky gets accused and goes to the waiting room. In the end, the four get caught and then rescued by Mr. Benedict. Milligan finds out that Millagan is not his real name. Milligan was brain swept (washed) by Mr. Curtain and the only thing he remembered was Kate (his daughter) saying “dad can we go to the mill again.”

I would rate this book four and a half stars because it was really long and sometimes I forgot what was happening.


The Emily Carr Mystery

BY: Lukas


     The Emily Carr Mystery is a novel by Eric Wilson. The main characters are Tiffany, Hart, Paris, Pepper, Laura and Liz. The problem in the storyline was that someone stole a painting that a famous artist gave to the DeMornays before she died. Nobody in the world knew that the painting existed apart from the main characters. Someone gave inside information to the robber and the painting was stolen. The solution was the three possible culprits are Paris, Pepper and Laura. The story leads me to believe that it was Paris because he spent all of his inheritance. He needs more money so that he and Tiffany don’t have to work for the rest of their lives.

In the beginning, Liz Austen is going to Victoria, BC to attend her best friend Tiffany’s wedding. Tiffany is about to marry Paris DeMornay. Both of their families were wealthy. They wanted a family together and they were only 19 and 21! The DeMornays had a painting from famous artist Emily Carr who gave it to the family before her death. Then, one day someone stole the painting. The painting was possibly worth millions of dollars or maybe even a hundred million. They were all shocked that the painting was stolen even though nobody was supposed to know that it exists. Liz Austen was on the case immediately and she thought that someone must have given out information about the painting, so the thieves knew about it. She told Tiffany and they narrowed it down to three possibilities: Paris, Pepper, and Laura. It turns out that Paris spent all of his money and might be marrying Tiffany not for love, but for her family’s money. So, maybe that is why he wanted to steal the painting and sell it. Pepper also needed money to become a record producer so she might have given information to thieves to fulfill her dream. Laura might have been faking her love for the family and wanted money to get away from them. Tiffany makes a decision to leave Paris for Hart, who is more honest than Paris and is smarter about his money.

I would give this book four stars. I think that the story was engaging for the most part and it was an interesting mystery. I also learned about Victoria, BC, and its monuments. I decided to give this book 4 out of 5 because It was pretty good but some parts were not always engaging and sometimes my thoughts drifted away while I was reading.


By: Chelsea


        Big Nate Blasts Off is a very funny novel by Lincoln Peirce. It is about two boys named Randy and Nate who both have a crush on a new girl named Ruby, except they are rivals! On the other hand, the team is practicing Frisbie for the mud bowl to win against Jefferson. When Nate and Randy have a fight they have to do peer counseling, with Gina! (a.k.a. The Bride of Frankenstein).  Then, Ruby joined the Frisbee team when Nate had peer Counseling.

The reason Nate and Randy had a fight is that Dee Dee told people that Nate likes Ruby! Nate thinks Thanks for broadcasting my private life Dee Dee. What’s next hanging my underwear on the school flagpole? Then the school has a field trip to a science museum, but Nate is partners with Randy! Nate just wants to get it over with, so they split the booklet in half, but Jefferson is at the same museum. Then Norlen (a kid from Jefferson) steels Nates half of the booklet and pushes him to the ground. Just then Randy comes and says, “leave him alone”. If you want to find out how this book ends, then you should pick up a copy to read!                               

Diary of a Wimpy Kid DOUBLE DOWN

By: Liam


Diary of a Wimpy Kid Double Down is a novel by Jeff Kinney. The characters in the book are Mom, Dad, Manny, Greg, Rowley, Rodrick and Pig. Diary of the Wimpy Kid Double Down is a great book. It is about a young boy named Greg Heffley. I give this book a 5 star rating. Greg’s mom thinks that video games are turning his brain to mush, so she wants her son to put down his controller and explore his ‘creative side.’ If that is not scary enough Halloween is just around the corner and surprises are lurking near him to give him a good fright.

In the middle of the story. In the book there is a balloon brigade at his school and his balloon returns to him but with a unexpected visitor. After that he wins a jar of candy corn but his little brother Manny’s pet pig got a hold of it. The pet pig ate the whole thing so Greg called his mom. She told him and Rodrick  to meet her at the vet. In the van the Pig threw up so then Greg didn’t feel well. When he opened the van door and threw up, there was a lady that was watching the whole thing. This lady thought Greg and Rodrick were just bad kids so she called the police. The police then chased after them and so Greg’s mom spotted that on the highway.

When the police left she was very disappointed at first because of the unexpected visitor and then the pig. So, the punishment was that Greg could not watch TV or play video games for two weeks. While his parents are gone to work Greg and his friend Rowley discover a huge secret that he found gummy worms left over from Halloween. So they created a movie. But at the end of the story his friend Rowley actually got all the credit and he didn’t mention Greg’s name once. Still, I rate this book five stars because it is funny and mysterious.


The Great Zombie Invasion

By: Mason

       The Great Zombie Invasion is a fiction book by Mark Cheverton. The main characters are Weaver, Gameknight999, Smithy, Fencer, Herobrine, and Tommy. Herobrine is the evil shadow crafter and Gameknight999 is the hero in the story. Smithy is the legendary hero of the Two Swords and Tommy is Gameknight999. Weaver is one of the other good guys, and Fencer is one of the good soldiers. The settings are in a village, a forest, and a cave. The problem is when Tommy digitizes himself 100 years ago in Minecraft. The solution is solved in the next book.

In the beginning, Tommy was also known as Gameknight999 accidentally digitizes himself back 100 years to the Great Zombie Invasion. He wants to get out of the server but also wants to help his friends. In the middle, Gameknight999 fought Herobrine with Fencer, and Smithy but did not defeat him. In the end, Gameknight999 defeats the original zombie King Vo-lok by using TNT cannons.

I think that this is a great book because it has a lot of action and adventure. I think most kids would like this book and the other Gameknight999 books. I would rate this book five stars!

The Adventures Of Captain Underpants

By: Jacob

      The Adventures of Captain Underpants is the first book in the series Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey. The main characters are George, Harold, Mr. Krupp, Doctor Diaper and Captain Underpants. In the beginning, George and Harold sabotage the football game and Mr. Krupp videotaped the whole thing! The next day, Mr. Krupp asked George and Harold to go to his office. When they got there he threatened to give the tape to the football team if they didn’t stop being silly. George and Harold knew they had to obey, but George had a plan. George planned to order the 3D Hypno Ring from Lil’ Wiseguy Novelties Co. But they had to obey Mr. Krupp’s orders for six weeks before the Hypno ring would arrive.

When the package arrived George took it to school. George and Harold convinced Mr. Krupp to look straight at it and he was hypnotized first. When they snapped their fingers he acted like a chicken. Then they told him to act like a monkey and he even hung from the fluorescent lights like it was a tree branch. Then they understood, so they snapped their fingers and said, “You are now the amazing Captain Underpants!” After that a gigantic smile was on his face, he ripped off all his clothes except his undies and wore a drape like a cape. Then, Captain Underpants (Mr.Krupp) jumped out the window yelling ”Tra La LAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAA!” and ran into town.

George and Harold knew he would get hurt, so they ran after him. Once C.U. was in town he saw some crooks robbing a bank and attempted to stop them. The Wedgie Warrior yelled, ”Stop in the name of all that is pre-shrunk and cottony!” That didn’t do anything so the robbers just laughed and continued walking. After that, the real cops came and arrested the robbers. The cops also tried to arrest Mr.Krupp but George and Harold grabbed him by the hands and ran with him. Meanwhile, across the street, the jewelry store burst into flames and two menacing looking robots emerged from the flames carrying a huge red crystal.The machine menaces put the crystal into the back of a truck and drove away. Once the robots closed the back door C.U.’s cape got caught and the Wedgie Warrior was pulled away. Then, George and Harold had to follow. When George and Harold got to the old laboratory they saw a huge machine and an old guy in a diaper explaining his plan to use the contraption to control the moon. George and Harold reacted quickly and used a slingshot to launch some fake poop through a broken window and Dr. Diaper went away to change his diaper (even though he didn’t need to). In the meantime, George and Harold destroyed the mechanical call minions. Then they messed the weapons controls and they ran out of the building (George, Harold, C.U. and Dr.D. blindfolded) before it exploded! Finally, they handed Dr. Diaper to the cops. George and Harold poured water on Mr. Krupp’s head and broke the tape. I rate this book 5 stars because it had a good plot so basically, I loved it!

Geronimo Stilton The hour of Magic – The Eighth Adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy

By: Alexandra

      This book by Elisabetta Dami is about a  mouse that lives on an island and is the publisher of a magazine that gets called to The Kingdom of Fantasy to help his friend Blossom from dying. Some of the characters in the story are Geronimo Stilton, Scribblehopper, Little princess Buzz, Queenie, Solitaire, Dragon of time, Eclipse, Webster, and Queen Blossom. This story takes place in the Kingdom of  Fantasy, the clock shop, and Geronimo’s house. I know what you readers are thinking, Alexandra why are you talking about the characters and the settings, we want to sneak peek at what the book is about! So what am I going to do, I’m going to do just that.

In the beginning, Geronimo gets called back to the Kingdom of Fantasy to save Queen Blossom because she is aging quickly, and if she dies the entire Kingdom of Fantasy will perish with her.  Geronimo, Solitaire, Scribblehopper, Queenie, and Little Princess Buzz (short form Buzz) have to go to the land of time to find out why Blossom is aging so quickly. Solitaire made a promise that he would not speak until he saw his father again. When they get to the land of time they find out that in order to reach it they must: 1. only two travellers a day can pass, 2. they must wait until the sun rises in the morning, 3. blindfold yourself, 4. walk backward, 5. count seven steps and 6. pass through the door of courage and you will reach the Land of Time. The 2 people that will try to go to the land of time are Geronimo and Solitaire. They do all the things that they have to do in or into the land of time. When they pass through the door of courage they find themselves in an enormous hourglass and find all the people that have tried to get into the land of time but couldn’t because they didn’t have a pure heart. Geronimo and Solitaire had pure hearts so they made it through the hourglass. When they entered the land of time they found themselves in the middle of a sandstorm. There was an enormous structure with a clock and two statues, one that looked almost looked like queen Blossom and one looked like a Knight. There was something different about this clock, the hands of the clock were turning very fast. As Solitaire approached the structure, the statues started to move. The one that looked like Blossom started turning in and held a rose up and the one that looked like a knight hit a gong with his sword. Then the door opened to reveal the wizard of time. Then Solitaire spoke to the father. But the wizard of time didn’t remember him, then a peacock flew in and told Geronimo and Solitaire that the wizard of time had amnesia. The peacock also told Geronimo and Solitaire that the Wicked Winds of the West was the reason for the wizard’s memory loss and the reason for Blossom to be aging so quickly.

In the middle of the book, Geronimo goes to the Kingdom of Witches to stop the Wicked Winds of the West. Solitaire doesn’t come because he stays and takes care of his father. He takes the Dragon of Time to the Kingdom of Witches. Solitaire gave Geronimo a chest filled with all the stuff he needed on his journey to the Kingdom of  Witches. When he gets to the Kingdom of Witches he put on a very ugly and very smelly witch disguise so the witches would not eat him. Geronimo puts on the disguise and heads into the group of witches which were heading for the tower of bones. For some reason, all the witches were carrying wood. When Geronimo gets inside the tower with the other witches he enters a room filled with witches dancing and a very beautiful and young witch with no wrinkles on her face on a throw in the middle of the room. The witch in the middle of the room called for silence and then asked who knew how to read and right. A witch pushed Geronimo from behind and said this witch must know how to write and read he has a book in his hands. So the witch in the middle who claimed that her name was Eclipse said that Geronimo was going to be the new librarian for the tower of bones. After that, all the witches left to collect more logs. When all the witches left Eclipse and Geronimo began to climb the tower of bones, 313 steps in total. When they got to the top Eclipse ordered Geronimo to put all the books in the library in alphabetical order. When Geronimo was doing that, Eclipse was stirring an enormous pot that had the pot of the wicked winds written on it. So now Geronimo knew where the wicked winds were coming from. After that Eclipse went into her secret a spider named Webster that had been a prisoner to Eclipse, helped Geronimo find a spell to stop Eclipse. These were the spells they found: #13. How to become young and beautiful, this was why Blossom was so old and Eclipse was so young. Eclipse stole blossoms youth by using the wicked winds. #14. How to create the wicked winds #15. How to cook the magic sauce #16. How to capture the wicked winds of the kingdom of witches #45. how to spy on your nemesis without her realizing it #87. How to transform the librarian into a tadpole. The most useful spell they found was #1000. How to cancel spells: close your eyes, plug your nose with your right hand, pull your left ear with your left hand, stick out your tongue say out loud

Witches with wands, warlocks with bats
Poisonous spiders, rabid black cats!
Cancel the spells that are
Already done.
Terminate all spells, every last one

In the end, Geronimo followed the instructions of the spell then suddenly wicked the west came to a stop. Eclipse came out of the secret room and saw that Geronimo had the 1000th spell in his hands, she was about to cast a spell on him when suddenly she turned into an ugly witch with gray hair and so many wrinkles. She had to use a spell to take Blossom’s youth. After that the tower started to shake, the tower was also made from magic and Geronimo and Webster was still inside!! Just then the Dragon of time came and saved them. They were all happy but then Eclipse told them that the blue spiders were making a layer of darkness that would cover up the sun and it wasn’t made of magic. The only thing that was sharp enough to cut it was the crystal sword in Sapphire City. So Geronimo, Webster and the Dragon of time traveled all day and night until they came to sapphire city. When they got there Asul the leader greeted them. Azul can read minds so he knew exactly what they were thinking. In order to get the crystal sword, Geronimo had to pass a test. There were 3 paths and if Geronimo chose the right path he could get the sword. The first path was called the road to riches, the second was called Braggers Boulevard, and the third was Simple Street. Geronimo chose Simple Street because he was a simple mouse and got the crystal sword. Azul said he could keep it with him forever. Geronimo, Webster and the Dragon of time go back to the Kingdom of Witches but Eclipse already launched the layer of darkness. Geronimo uses the sword to cut through the layer of darkness and stop Eclipse’s plan. After they went back to the crystal castle to find queen Blossom young again. Then they have a party and live happily ever after.

I give this book 5 stars because it is interesting and funny. If you are an adventurous person and want to read an adventurous book be sure to pick up the Hour Of Magic.            


By: Maevey

Drama is a graphic novel by Raina Telgemeier.  This is a fiction novel. The main characters are Callie, Jesse, Liz, and Justin. The setting of the story is the school, Callie’s house, the bookstore and the school stage.

Callie is in high school and loves the theatre and is a part of the school stage crew. The school`s play is called The Moon Over Mississippi.  She works very hard to make all the scenes go well, and this year she wants it to be perfect so it takes up a lot of her time.

The story talks a lot about relationships and people being kind and truthful with each other.  Callie’s feelings get hurt in the story in some of the relationships but her friends are always there for her.  There are some difficult times for Callie and her friends but they work it out in the end.  I don’t want to give the secrets of the story so you will have to read it to find out the rest of the story for yourself.

I would recommend this book to everyone that likes stories about friends and school. It is a funny graphic novel that will make you smile. So when you have to read a book this one is not a bad choice. I would also recommend Smile and Sisters if you like Drama!I give this book 3 stars!  

The Twits

By: Haley

      The Twits is a story by Roald Dahl. The story is about an old couple who irritate each other. They were ugly and dirty and were also very mean to animals. One day the birds and animals decided to take their revenge. One day when the Twits went out to buy guns, the birds and animals tried to turn the house upside down. They stuck all the furniture to the ceiling with sticky glue and painted the floor white to look like the ceiling. When the Twits returned home, they thought their house was upside down and were scared. So they stood on their heads and there was sticky glue they got stuck and nobody helped them. Then they started to shrink. The birds and animals escaped. I give this book 5 stars because it has a good plot and very funny.    


By: Sophia


  This is a  book about a boy named August. His family and friends call him Auggie. There are different parts to this book. This book is by R.J. Palacio and it is an amazing book. I give it 5 stars. When August, the main character was born the doctors said they had to take him into surgery. August was born with a facial deformity and he needed 27 surgeries overall. His sister is another main character and she said: “that in another world she would look like him.”

This book is about a boy who goes to school for the first time. Close to the end of the first month there is a class picture taken and the bully named Julian erases August out of the picture and on the back he writes NO FREAKS ALLOWED. August`s sister always stands up for him, when he gets bullied his sister always comes up and says “Hey, you! Stop bothering my brother.”

August loves Halloween, and on Halloween day he dressed up as Ghost face. One of his friends was with the group of bullies and one of the bullies asked why are you August’s friend if you don’t even like him. “I don’t know,” said Jack (August’s friend) he also said that if he looked like August he would DIE. Then August faked being sick and went home straight away. When he got home he went straight to his room. That night August didn’t even want to trick treating, and that was his favourite part of Halloween. After he went to his room his sister Via went to go see him and once she got to his bedroom he said you have to knock. Then she knocked and he said “go away.” Via came in anyways and said, “everybody has bad days.” “I know I do,” said Via. August told her “don’t compare your bad days to mine.” Then Via said, “didn’t you notice that Miranda (Via’s best friend)  doesn’t come around anymore?” “No,” said August. Then Via said “come out trick-or-treating and you can have all my Halloween candy.” So they went trick and treating and when they got home August said to Via “I thought you said I can have all your candy?” Via said “I just said that so you would come, but since I promised you here you go” and Via gave him her candy.

The next day, August went to school and didn’t speak Jack Will (August’s friend) because of the mean thing Jack said one the other day. When Jack asked, “What’s wrong August?” August didn’t answer. Then August just walked away. At lunch Summer (somebody in August’s homeroom) sat at the same table as him and said “do you want to be my friend?” August said “yes.” The next morning they went tobogganing and they saw Jack and Summer said hi but August didn’t say anything. August told Summer that he wanted to go to a different hill so they did. They went down a very big hill. When homeroom was done Jack bumped into Summer and Jack asked why is August made at me. Then Summer said Ghost face. After that Summer went straight to Science class and Jack did to, Jack thought about what Summer said and then he remembered that he saw a ghost face in homeroom and said that he said those mean things about August and that August heard. Later that night when August was playing Minecraft Jack joined along and said he was sorry for saying that stuff about him and that he wanted to be friends with him and August said OK.

On Christmas day last year when Miranda was around she gave August an astronaut helmet and he loved it. The day before Christmas this year they started to decorate the Christmas tree it looked so amazing.

I could go on and on about this book but I must stop so I don’t run out of paper. This book is so good that it turned into an amazing movie. They are both really good. I hope you liked my book review!

My Little Book of Rescue Vehicles

By: Michael

My little book of rescue vehicles is a non-fiction book by Claudia Martin. This book is about rescue vehicles. I like this book because you get to learn about rescue vehicles. I think this is a great book so I think you would like this book too. I rate this book five stars.        

Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Ugly Truth

By: Luca

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is a fantastic novel. In the beginning, Greg did not like Rowley but he had a pretty good thing going on with Rowley but that is why they broke up.  So Rowley’s parents got him a new friend his name was Brian. But Greg figured it was a company because it was a different person every day.

In the middle of the book, Greg was supposed to take care of his neighbours plants while his neighbors were on a trip. Unfortunately, he lost the keys to their house. So when his neighbors got home the plants were all dead because he did not water them. So his neighbors were very disappointed. It turns out the key was in there door.

In the middle of the book Rodrick who is Greg’s big brother told him the way to Rowley’s. He needed to go to Rowley to apologize to Rowley so they could be friends again. The reason Greg’s brother told him a short-cut is because whenever he went to Rowleys Fregly would find and bother him. The only problem was that it was through the sewers. At the end of the book Greg got invited to a birthday party but the only problem was that it was on his uncle Gary’s wedding. So that kind of ruined everything.

That is the start, beginning, and end. I rate this book 4 stars and I recommend this book for ages 7-11. This is a book that I would recommend.

Dog Man – A Tale Of Two Kitties

By: Peter

       Dog Man is a fiction book by Dav Pilkey. The main character in this story is Dog Man. He is a dog the got strapped to a cop’s body. The main characters in the story are Dogman, Chief, Petey, li’l Petey, 80-HD, Flippy, Beastly Building and Sarah Hatoff. The problem is that Flippy comes back to life and the solution is that li’l Petey makes Flippy into a nice fishy. In the beginning, Chief is very excited because Dogman and he made it into the news. But in the news they said that scientists are studying Flippy’s brain so Dogman is sent to protect them in case something bad happens.

In the next chapter called You Gotta be Kitten Me, Petey the Villain escapes from Cat Jail.  Once he gets back to his lab he wants to get a new Butler that’s exactly like him so he buys a cloning machine off his computer. When it arrived he pulled a whisker off of him and puts it in the cloning machine. Then, after 10 seconds a baby cat came out. Petey was mad because he wanted an adult version of him so later that named him li’l Petey. In the middle of the novel, the scientists were working on Flippy to make him stronger, faster, and better than he was before. When the scientists shut the door to the lab Flippy went flying across the room and a bird caught him. It brought him to a living spray factory and when the bird flew over the factory there was smoke coming from the factory. This made the bird start to cough and he dropped the fish out of its beak into the factory. But his robotic claw broke the living spray tube and living spray went everywhere.

Flippy came to life and started to cause havoc. In the end, Petey finished his 80-HD and li’l Petey went inside of it and beat Flippy. That’s when li’l Petey made one of his heartwarming books for him and Flippy became nice. After flippy went to jail lil Petey became his pen pal. That’s my book review for Dog Man.


By: Angelika

        This book is a fiction book by Carolyn Keene. The main character Nancy is a girl that loves solving mysteries. Whenever there is a mystery to solve she’s always there. In this novel, Helen Corning calls Nancy to solve a mystery at the haunted house. Nancy agreed, but the next thing she knew was that a man was at the door. He told Nancy that there are some people that want to hurt her dad, so she should stay with her dad. She did not know what to do. She wondered if she should stay with her dad or go solve the mystery of the haunted house. Her dad told her he would be okay by himself.

So the next day, Nancy drove to the house. The owner’s name was Aunt Rosemary. When she got there they told her the problem. They went to the parlor and sat down but suddenly the chandelier started swaying. Nancy thought there was a hidden staircase. They looked for two days but could not find it. One day, they heard footsteps. The next day they found the staircase. In the end, the people who were scaring them went to jail.


By: Felix

    Moby Dick is a classic novel by Herman Melville. In the beginning, the main character Ishmael needs to find a place to sleep. He found some place to sleep but then the landlord says we are full but you could stay with Queequeg. So he was roommates with Queequeg and set out on their long journey Queequeg and Ishmael are best friends.

In the middle of the novel, they find a whale and Stubb kills the whale and they eat whale for dinner. The following day 3 or 4 of the crew went on the head of the whale to collect blubber. Now blubber was good fo oil the blubber was boiled and melted it turned into oil and then they would sell the oil. They also come across another ship. Deep inside the whale is the sperm that is used to make really expensive perfumes. Well, one of the crew would go on top of the whale and dig and collect the sperm but the hole was really deep almost 20 feet.  In this story, one of the crew members falls headfirst into the hole and almost drowns.  Another crew member jumped in and saved him.

In the next chapter, the ship approaches the China Seas and they found a large group of whales.  Maybe Moby Dick was among them.  They all set their boats toward the group of whales. Just then their luck was getting better Tashtego began shouting and pointing to something behind them. It was Malay savages, local island natives. They outran them and they harpooned two whales but the harpoon lines became tangled.  Of the whole group of whales, they only captured one.

Through many other adventures captain Ahab eventually found the White Whale, Moby Dick. They chased him for three days. They landed many harpoons in him, but they didn’t seem to slow the great whale. Ahab had the devil’s harpoon which he blessed with blood.  He threw it at Moby Dick and hit his target. But Ahab got tangled in the line with the harpoon and was pulled into the seas with Moby Dick and drowned. Their main ship had also struck a leak and the whole ship sank.  Only Ishmael, our narrator, survived to tell the tale.

Diary of Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth

By: Jun-Hee

      Diary of Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth is a book by Jeff Kinney. The main characters are Greg, Greg’s Mom, Greg’s Dad, and Manny. The setting is in Greg’s hometown. First, Greg explains the big fight with his ex-best friend, Rowley Jefferson. Greg tries to decide who should be his friend either Christopher Brownfield or Tyson Sanders. Greg says “Christopher is a more of summertime friend and more than a school year friend.” He also says, “Tyson is nice enough, and we like the same video games.” In the middle of the novel, Uncle Gary (Greg’s Uncle) got engaged to his girlfriend, Sonja. Uncle Gary was married for the third time. Greg’s mom didn’t even bother to replace the picture of his second wedding on the mantel.

Then, when Greg was still going to a baby dentist he decided to go to a different dentist. He didn’t want to go because at the baby dentist there was a girl named Rachel. Greg thought she was cute so he wanted to stay but his dad put him in a more not “babyish” dentist. In the end, Greg and Rowley became friends by trying to hang out. This book is really good, you should check this book out in a store like Indigo or something. I rate this book 5 stars because the book is really funny!

How To Be A Pirate

By: Thomas

How To Be A Pirate is a fun book that is by Cressida Cowell and I liked the book because it is really inspiring and funny. It is a fiction book that gives you a laugh on every page. The characters in the story are: Hiccup, Toothless, Hiccup’s best friend Fishlegs, Horrorcow, Stoick the Vast, Gober the Bleach, Alvin the Poor but Honest Farmer, The highest and murderous Alvin the Treacherous, Snotlout, Dogsbreath the Duhbrain and Fireworm.

The problem in the story was that people thought that Alvin the Treacherous was his made-up character Alvin the poor but honest farmer. So, Alvin got the Vikings TOTALLY fooled. The solution of the story was that Alvin gets himself into trouble. He got eaten by a monster that Hiccup killed, and that Alvin was not going to be around, at least in this book.

In the beginning, what happened was Gobber the Bleach was doing pirate training with Hiccup, Fishlegs and the other boys. They were doing sword fighting at sea lesson. It was not going great for Hiccup because he was paired up with Dogsbreath the Duhbrain and he is HUGE!!! Hiccup tried to use his own weight against him but it was a fail, nothing worked out. Next, Hiccup knew that the person he was fighting had his sword with no cage on (I am saying this because training practice sword cages are on to prevent anyone getting hurt). It turned out Snotlout got the cage off because he HATED Hiccup even though they are cousins. He wanted his friend Dogsbreath the duh-brain to get rid of Hiccup. Luckily he got away and kept his life. In the middle, Hiccup would not have escaped without a miracle but this miracle was not one at all. Sure you might think this is a good thing, but you are not going to like how this is going…the small boat was SINKING!!! I tell you this, you do not want to hear something to do with sinking boats, but this is the miracle everyone wanted. Thankfully, everyone could swim well except for Fishlegs he could barely a ride fish (expression) so Hiccup was going to help him. But he could not find him anywhere, so he sent his hunting dragon toothless to go find him. After a few minutes, Toothless came and said to Hiccup in Dragonise: (Dragonise is a language that only dragons can speak but hiccup is the only human that can speak and understand this complicated language this makes hiccup a dragon whisperer). So, then Toothless found him, where? Toothless found him falling down. “Oh brother” moaned Hiccup but then a big black box came and saved Fishlegs. If there was no giant box Fishlegs would have drowned (the box did not necessarily save Fishlegs it was just something to hold on to). Everyone was safe, at least for now… … when they floated to the island Fishlegs noticed what the box said.

In the end, the box was a coffin that said DO NOT OPEN!!! THE ONE WHO OPENS THIS COFFIN OF GRIMBEARD THE GHASTLY!!! WILL HAVE THE GRIMBARDS CURSE!!! Hiccup knew that this was bad because he knew that name was the worst pirate and king that ever sailed the seas and if anyone would set a boobytrap on this thing. Read the book if you want to know how it ends.

I personally rate this book  5/5 for each of its persuasive and ignominious AND inspirational parts the book makes a lot of sense and it’s not too over the top and not low down.

The Kingdom of Fantasy
Geronimo Stilton

By: Ethan

The Kingdom of Fantasy is written by Elisabetta Dami.  The main characters of the Kingdom of Fantasy are Geronimo Stilton, Scribblehopper, Shelly, Princess Scatterbrain, Trick, Factual, Cosi, Giant (who forgot his name), Blinkette.  The problem was that Queen Blossom was in trouble.  The solution was that Geronimo Stilton crosses the seven kingdoms to save Queen Blossom.      

In the beginning, Geronimo found a music box in his attic.  He somehow magically enters the music box and meets Scribblehopper.  In the middle of the novel, Geronimo and Scribblehopper go through seven kingdoms.  The kingdoms  Geronimo passed through were  Kingdom of the Witches, Kingdom of the Mermaids, Kingdom of the Dragons, Kingdom of the Pixies, Kingdom of the Giants Kingdom of the Fairies.  In the end, Geronimo saves the Queen with a kiss.  Then the Queen sends Geronimo back home.  

You should read this book because it is very adventurous and mysterious.  I rate this book 5 out of 5!

Assassin’s Creed Trial by Fire         

By: Henry        

Assassin’s Creed is a great series by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, but I don’t think you should read it if you don’t like blood. If you like history you might really like this series. I personally love the Assassin’s Creed series because it’s awesome.

In the beginning, it’s about a modern day girl in 2015, named Charlotte Dela Cruz who gets asked to join the Assassins Brotherhood. Charlotte gets put in a simulation (Animus) that takes her back to the 1800s (the 19th century), where she becomes her ancestor Tom Stoddard and is hunted down and has to find a relic that will save lives while she watches what happens during the Salem witch trials. The Salem witch trials were terrible and they accused people of being witches and then burned them or hung them. That’s my book review on Assassin’s Creed Trial by Fire.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules    

By: James

                    This book is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid and is written by Jeff Kinney. The main characters are Greg who has to deal with problems in middle school and his older brother Roderick who is mean to him. Rowley is Greg’s best friend and is a nerd. Greg and Roderick’s mother is also a main character.

       The main problem of the book is between Greg and his brother Rodrick. Their mother forces them to play together and get along. Rodrick is the older brother and likes to be mean to his younger brother. The book starts with Greg talking about his summer and why he was bored. He didn’t go on vacation, had to look after a dog and take swimming lessons.

In the middle of the book, Rodrick has a party. He locks his brother Greg in the basement and after makes him clean up the mess and not tell his parents. Greg is also embarrassed at school because his best friend Rowley, still plays with younger kids that are not in middle school, and is not cool. Greg just wants to fit in and not be seen as a wimp by the other kids.

At the end of the book, Rodrick tells a secret about Greg to all the other kids to embarrass him. The secret gets mixed up and Greg comes out looking like a hero so things don’t go as planned for Rodrick. Greg ends up feeling sorry for his older brother because when his band didn’t win a contest, their mother talked through the videotape and then was on television dancing. Greg helps Rodrick get through his science project so they get along better.

I rate this book a 5 and think it is good for ages 6 to 12. I thought it was funny and easy to read with all the pictures. It might also help you relate if you are having fights with your brother or sister.


By: Alexia

       This book is called Wonder by R.J Palacio. The characters are August (Augie), Olivia (Via), Mom, Dad, Summer, Charlotte, Jack Will, Julian, and Henri. A lot of people aren’t nice when they see a little boy named August because of his face is different than everyone else’s. The book starts off when with August going to a middle school called Beecher Prep for the first time. August’s Mom used to homeschool him. His parents went to the school ahead of time before August found out. The principal’s name is Mr. Tushman. The first time August went to the school he met three other students that would be in his homeroom. The students he met were Charlotte, Julian, and Jack Will. When August saw them he wanted to cover his eyes so he covered his face with his hair as soon as he noticed they were in Mr. Tushman’s office. Mr. Tushman asked them to tour August around the school. Then they took August to a big hallway to some wide stairs, they walked up to the third floor. When they got to the third floor they walked in a hallway that had a lot of doors. Julian opened a door marked 301. “This is our homeroom,” Julian said,  standing in the front of the door. “We have Ms. Petosa, they all say she’s okay at least for homeroom, I heard she’s really strict if you get her for math.” “That’s not true,” said Charlotte. “My sister had her last year and she said she was totally nice.” “Not what I heard,” answered Julian.

Then they walked over to the next room and they all went inside. After that, they started talking about the show that always happens at the end of the year. They all said that the entire school has to participate, whether it was something backstage like lighting and in the curtains. August asked, ”Does the whole school watch?” They said yes.

While they were there Julian said, “Were you in a fire to look like that?” August didn’t answer and they all went back to Mr. Tushman’s office. When August and his mom left his mom said, “how did it go?” August said that he liked it but he really didn’t.  So the next day Via and August went to school, August went to middle school, and Via went to high school.

When Augie arrived at school with his mom. Everyone was looking at him. When he got into his homeroom he sat in the very back row so nobody would notice him. The teacher Ms. Petosa told a boy named Henri to sit next to Augie. Augie knew that Henri didn’t want to sit next to him. They got locks and Henri couldn’t open his but Augie did.

At lunch, Augie sat by himself and everybody was staring at him. There was a  table full of girls whispering and Augie knew it was about him. Eventually, a girl named Summer sat with Augie. They were talking about who could sit with them but only if the person wanted to sit with them. On Halloween, Augie was planning on wearing a jango fett costume but he decided to wear his ghost costume from last year. When he got to homeroom he overheard people talking about him it was his friend Jack Will talking about him. Unfortunately, Jack was talking to Henri and Julian that Jack was faking his friend and they agreed. If you want to know what the other characters say you should read this book yourself. I rate this book 5 stars. I rate this 5 stars because it describes each character so well and reminds you that being kind is the most important thing.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Reptile Room

By:  Ava


    A series of Unfortunate Events was written by Lemony Snicket. The main characters are Violet, Klaus, Sunny Baudelaire, Stephano ( Count Olaf ), Uncle Monty, Mr. Poe, and Violet. Violet is the oldest of the Baudelaire kids and she loves inventing things like a lockpick. Klaus really liked reading books. Sunny the youngest of the group likes biting on hard things which is unusual for a baby. Count Olaf ( Stephano) is a very very evil man who is trying to steal all the kid’s money and kill them with a large brass knife. Montgomery (Uncle Monty is a giddy uncle who loves snakes). Finally, Mr. Poe is a luggage carrier to assist the children.

The setting mainly takes place at Uncle Monty’s House. In the beginning, Mr. Poe drove the three kids to their Uncle Monty’s house. Violet was curious what their uncle would be like. Would he be nice or mean? When they got there Uncle Monty gave Violet, Klaus, and Sunny a warm welcome to his big home. Uncle Monty made a cake and then the three kids got to choose their rooms. Violet chose the biggest room for inventing things. Klaus and Sunny shared a smaller room.

The next day Uncle Monty told the kids that Uncle Monty’s snake helper is coming in a couple minutes and his name is Stephano.  Once Stephano came, Violet was suspicious.  She thought he looked a lot like Count Olaf.  In the middle of the novel, Stephano opened the children’s doors and brought them to the room filled with reptiles. Violet did not even know that Uncle Monty had a reptile room. But the children were in for a big surprise. Uncle Monty was DEAD! The kids think Stephano killed him because he was very suspicious.  Count Olaf (Stephano)  wanted to kill the kids when no one was around. Everyone was so sad except for Stephano. Then the doctor came. The doctor’s name was Dr. Lucafont.  He investigated and decided that Uncle Monty was bitten by the snake mamba du mal.

Violet spent time thinking in her room what to do to get Mr. Poe and Dr. Lucafont to believe that Stephano murdered Uncle Monty. So Violet investigated. First Violet went to Stephano’s room to see what was in his suitcase eventually she found out the suitcase was locked. So Violet got a lockpick and opened up the suitcase and put everything on the table. On the table was a syringe, a jar that said mamba du mal venom on it and a bunch of useless dirty clothes. Violet thought that Stephano put the venom in the syringe and while Uncle Monty was sleeping he inject the venom into Uncle Monty’s vanes and then put Uncle Monty on the wall.

In the end, Mr. Poe and Dr. Lucafont believed Violet. Then everyone went outside. Stephano said, “I can drive the  kids to town.” But Violet , Klaus and Sunny still wanted to prove that Stephano was Count Olaf because he always had an eye tattoo on his left ankle. So Mr. Poe got out a cloth and rubbed his left ankle and the tattoo was there. So Mr. Poe and Dr. Lucafont believed the kids that Stephano was Count Olaf. Mr. Poe and Dr. Lucafont said sorry for not believing Violet Sunny and Klaus. Sunny was suspicious so she bit Dr. Lucafont hand of and under his hand was a hook! Then Count Olaf and Dr. Lucafont escaped.

I would rate this book 5 stars because it is mysterious adventurous and exciting. I personally loved this book and think you should pick up a copy to read yourself. I hope you enjoy the book!


The Boxcar Children

By: Brayden

      The Boxcar Children is novel by Gertrude Chandler Warner. This is a fiction story about kids that are homeless. The main characters are Jess, Henry, Violet and Benny. The setting of the story is at the kid’s house where their parents died, then a Bakery because the baker’s wife found the kids. The Baker’s wife helped the kids get to their grandfather’s house but then he died too. So then, the kids were alone. The baker’s wife came to the rescue. The problem in the story was that the kids needed a home to live in. The solution in the story was when the kids lived in the boxcar.

I rate this book 5 stars because it is such a good book!


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By: Abbey

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a book by Roald Dahl. The story starts off with a poor boy named Charlie.  One day Willy Wonka who owned a chocolate factory asked five children to come to his factory. But there were five tickets that each child had to get. The first ticket was found from a fat boy (oh boy he was really fat). The second ticket was found from a spoiled child that asked for everything. The third ticket was found from another child that called herself a winner.  The fourth ticket was found from a video game boy that was very rude. The last ticket that was found by a boy named Charlie. Eventually, Charlie went to the factory and won all the challenges. I would rate this book five stars because it is funny and great for kids. I hope you like reading this book!




By: Alexandra

This book by Jerry Spinelli is the winner of the Newberry Medal for the book Maniac Magee. This book is about a boy named Palmer that is trying to protect a pigeon a pigeon he calls Nipper.Some of the characters in the story are Beans, Mutto, Henry, Palmer, Nipper and Dorothy.This story takes place in a small town. I think that the message of this story is to be anything you want to be no matter what anyone tells you.

In the beginning, Palmer meets some boys that want to be wringers (a wringer is a 10-year-old boy who kills pigeons). Palmer doesn’t want to be a wringer but he’s afraid what the guys will do to him. 

Palmer finds out that he is that is one of the best wringers in the world and he doesn’t feel the love and support of his dad anymore. After a couple of days, pigeons come to Palmer’s house and starts tapping on the window.  Palmer feeds the pigeons and every day after that the pigeon comes back to his house. A week later Palmer tells the pigeon he could sleep at his house every night. Palmer names the pigeon Nipper.

Near the end of the story, Palmer tells the guys that he doesn’t want to be a wringer and he doesn’t want to be part of the gang anymore. Then one a day of the pigeon shooting Pamer finds out that Nipper was caught and was going to get shot in the ceremony. When the workers let out the pigeons, Palmer watched hoping that the pigeons that got killed were not Nipper! Finally, a worker lets out a pigeon that lands on Palmer’s head,  it was Nipper! Beans saw Nipper land on his head, and he jumped up and grabbed Nipper off Palmer’s head and killed him.

I give this book a  level 5 star rating because the book really descriptive and is really great at making you feel the feelings. If you are interested in reading a passionate book you will want to read Wringer!!!



By: Alexia

This book PIPPI LONGSTOCKING is by the author Astrid Lindgren. There are four characters in the book. There’s Tommy, Annika, Pippi and Mr. Nillson. They all live in Villa Villekulla at the end of a small Swedish village. In Chapter One, Pippi can’t wait to meet Tommy and Anika and she waited all day long. In Chapter Two, Pippi tells Tommy and Anika that she’s a thing-finder. Chapter Three is funny because the policeman tells Pippi she has to move out but when they play tag with Pippi they change there mind. Pippi goes to school in Chapter Four, but she doesn’t like it so she quits. In chapter Five Pippi goes inside a tree but when she comes out she forces Tommy and Anika to come too. Pippi makes a picnic in Chapter Six and she invites Tommy and Anika to join her. She also includes Mr. Nillson and the pet monkey. Then, in the next chapter Pippi, Tommy, and Anika go to the Circus, Pippi and do three acts. In the next chapter, there are two burglars try to take all of Pippi’s money. After that Pippi goes to Tommy and Anika’s house for a coffee party, but Pippi doesn’t behave so she’s never allowed to go to their house again. Chapter ten takes place at the hospital there’s a fire and all the kids are screaming because the fire’s about to hit the top and they’re on the top. After that, it’s Pippi’s birthday and Tommy and Anika went to her house and they give her a music box. Pippi gets Tommy a telescope and Anika a toy butterfly. This book is very fun and I would rate this book 5 stars!



By: Angelika

Mary Poppins is a fiction book by P.L. Travers about Jane, Michael and Mary Poppins. She is magical and takes Jane and Michael on magical trips. The book is fun to read for people who like a little bit of magic. It takes place at a house on Cherry Tree Lane.

In the beginning, Mary Poppins flies down with her umbrella from the sky to ask if someone needs a nanny and finally she found someone. I think the book was very interesting because Mary Poppins is fun and because the trips that she went to were magical. Also, the book has many interesting characters. If you are interested in reading a magical book to make you smile then you should pick up Mary Poppins.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix                  

By: Ava

Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix was written by J.K Rowling. The setting mainly takes place at Hogwarts School for Wizards.The three main characters are Harry, Ron and Hermione. The main idea is magic and that anything is possible.

In the beginning, Harry saves his cousin Dudley from getting demented by using the patronum curse to back the dementors off. Harry backed them off on his third try. In the middle of the novel, Harry is at the Ministry of Magic. Harry is at the Ministry of Magic because he performed magic outside of Hogwarts School. The reason Harry is in a courtroom at the Ministry of Magic having a trial is that he performed the patronum curse in a muggle inhabited area. If you want to find out this book ends then you should pick it up and read it yourself.

I would rate The Order of the Phoenix five stars because it’s fun, adventurous and very descriptive. Trust me, you should read it because it makes you use your imagination and it’s a fantastic read.      


By: Liam

Woven is a novel by Michael Jensen End David Powers King (everyone is a thread). This story is about Nels who is a young boy. He is tall but strong and he has a dream to be a knight of Averland. That was before he died when he was murdered in the front of his home by a “mysterious figure”. Now that young hero has been awoken as a ghost and visible to all around him. Only one person can hear him and that is Princess Tyra. At first, the spoiled princess wants nothing to do with Nels. They have to search for a needle that can mend what was torn and they better move fast because if they don’t he will disappear forever. I give this book of 4 and 1/2 stars. You should read this book because it is fascinating and mysterious and it has kind of a happy ending.



By: Maja

Loser by Jerry Spinelli is a great fiction book about a poor boy named Donald Zinkoff who absolutely loves school. Donald Zinkoff is super excited for the first day of school because he loves learning! Donald Zinkoff loves going to the 900 Block of Willow to see the waiting man. The waiting man is a man whose brother fought in the war and never came back. He has been at his window for 32 years waiting for his brother to come back home.

In Middle School, Zinkoff after graduates grades 1-5, two older boys start a game of football but it really wasn’t a game of football, it was really just a game to make Zinkoff feel bad. These boys chose teams and Zinkoff was the last one to be picked. They thought he would run away and cry, but instead, he didn’t. Zinkoff just stood there waiting. He stared at one of the boys, and one boy said, “we got enough!” Then, he looked at the other boy, but even he said: “we got enough!” Just then one boy from that team said that he didn’t want to play anymore so that team was down one player. Then, because that one boy had no other choice, finally Zinkoff heard someone call out the name Z-I-N-K-O-F-F! He was so surprised. No one had ever picked him for their team, he was so happy! Then, they started the game and Zinkoff was on the run with the ball in his hand. All the while everyone was cheering, yelling, and screaming at him then Zinkoff finally reached the touchline and was so happy because his team won. Zinkoff was the reason that they won! He was so happy it was his first win. That was when everyone through him in the air, and called him the king!

The lesson in this story is to never doubt someone no matter what they look like and to believe in yourself. I would rate this book 5 stars because it teaches you to never bully and to be grateful for what you have. It also teaches you that ANYTHING is possible!       


The Land Of Stories

By: Rosie

In the book, The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell, by Chris Colfer is actually six different stories that are all related to one another. The two main characters are Alex and Conner, but they meet so many other characters. They meet fairies princesses and other creatures too. There are so many settings I can’t even list them all!

In the beginning of the novel, Alex gets a magical book. Sounds and animals come out of the book and come to life. In the middle of the book, Alex and Conner go into the book and take some special items from fairy tales. If you want to find out how this book ends you’re going to have to read it for yourself. I would rate this book five stars because there is always so many different surprises that it feels like your in the book.


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Review

By: James

The Diary of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is a graphic novel that is fun for ages 8 to 12. The main characters are Greg, and Greg’s brothers and parents. Also, Greg’s friend Rowley is another main character. This story takes place in Greg’s hometown.

In the beginning of this book, Greg says, “first let me get something straight, this is a journal not a diary.” In the middle of the book Greg said: “I knew that if I sang the song and Rodrick recorded it, he would keep it forever and use it to humiliate me for the rest of my life.” At the end of the book, Greg flipped through the pages in his yearbook of his class and thought to himself here’s the picture that I was waiting for.

In my opinion, this is a funny book and I would give it four stars out of five. I would recommend students in grade four read this book because it has kids comedy. When you’re older and you read this book you can still relate to it from your childhood.


Fairy Tales of Ireland

By: Henry

Fairy tales of Ireland by W.B Yeats and illustrated by P.J Lynch is a fiction book about a giant named Finn that lives in the fields of Ireland with his wife Oonagh. Finne the giant acts normal sized even though he’s a giant. His favourite food was spuds and carrots. Finn became a hunter. It’s hard to get wood because the trees are tiny and so are the animals. He made a giant sword and bow and arrow.

In the beginning, we are introduced to the characters and we learn about the giants named Finn and Oonagh. In the middle of this book, Finn isn’t home very much but when he is home Oonagh is happy. In the end, he starts coming home early just for Oonagh and they lived happily ever after.

I’d give this book 3 out of 5 stars because personally, I’m not a fiction person (but that’s just me).    

The Magic Finger!

By: Sophia

This is a fiction book by Roald Dahl about a girl that has a magic finger. The characters in this book are Greg, his family (which are the neighbours). There is also a girl who doesn’t have a name as well as the girl’s parents. This story takes place mainly outside, but sometimes the characters are inside of their house.

In the beginning of the book, the reader is introduced to the girl and her neighbors. The girl tells us that the neighbours like hunting animals, especially ducks. Every morning they go outside and try to shoot ducks. In the middle of the story, the girl gets really angry and when she gets angry she uses her magic finger which will turn them into the animal of the last touch (that happened to be a duck). The next morning they woke up and they had duck arms and legs the ducks have human arms and legs. Also, the Ducks took over the house and when the neighbours tried to get some food one of the ducks were always in the kitchen. Then they tried to get a pillow and some blankets but one of the ducks were using it. That’s when they said let’s make a nest out of sticks so they did. That was actually pretty good they of went to sleep. when they woke up they were human again. I rate this book by 5 stars.


System Overload

By: Mason

          System Overload is a fiction book by Mark Cheverton. This is about a kid that is a user-but-not a-user. The main characters are Gameknight999, Herder, Weaver, Xa-tul, and Feyd. The setting of this story is in a village, an old mine, three zombie towns, and a waterfall. The problem in this story is when Xa-tul tries to collapse the server. The solution to the story is when Gameknight999 destroys the zombie portal.

In the beginning, the zombie king Xa-tul and his zombie army takeover a NPC (non-playable-characters) village. In the middle, Gameknight999 leads a NPC army to save the NPC prisoners and defeat Xa-tul. In the end, Feyd the Enderman King and the Endermen help Gameknight999 defeat Xa-tul the Zombie King. I liked this book very much. I think it is a great book. It has a lot of action and adventure. I think it would put a smile on your face. I would rate this book five stars.


The Phantom Bully

By: Ethan

Star Wars Jedi Academy the Phantom Bully by Jeffrey Brown is a fiction graphic novel. The main characters are Roan, Pash, Gaiana, and Mr. Garfield. The main problem in the story was that Ronald and Cronah bullied Roan. This story took place in a galaxy far far away on Corist.

The beginning: Roan went to school and met his friends Pash and Gaiana. He also met his Jedi mentor Mr.Garfield. The middle: Roan loses his bag and his friends gave him a bag with a baby Ewok stuffy on the back. The end: he goes home but before he goes home he says goodbye to his friends. When he goes home his little brother(ollie) received a letter for Jedi kindergarten.

I rate this book 4 and 1/2 stars because it is very active and creative. You should read this book because there are comics and pictures.  If you like Star Wars you will like this book


James And The Giant Peach

By: Peter

     James and the Giant Peach is a fiction book by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake. The main character in this story is James.  He has to live with his evil aunts named Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge. In the beginning, James’s mom and dad go on a trip to London and they get eaten up by a Rhinoceros that escaped from the local zoo. After that, James was sent to live with his evil aunts, Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge. In the middle of the book, an old man gives magical crystals and then James trips in front of a peach tree that’s never grown a peach in years but then the crystals sink into the soil and the next day a giant peach grows and James goes inside of the peach. Inside the peach, he meets a bunch oversized bugs like a centipede, earthworm, grasshopper, glow worm, spider, ladybug and silkworm. At the end of the book, James and his bug friends make it to New York which they dream of. Then, James makes a lot of friends so he finally has people to talk to and play with. I recommend this book because the story is sad but still interesting. The reason it’s sad is that James parents die, but the reason it’s interesting because the bugs grow to human size and they are able to talk. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. If you can you should pick up this book!


Captain Underpants And The Sensational Saga Of Sir Stinks-A-Lot

By: Jacob

Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot is a fiction book by Dav Pilkey.  In this book, Captain Underpants ends up gone forever by Sir Stinks-A-Lot who is an evil gym teacher with a giant robot that sprays armpit gas that makes kids obey any order from an adult. Also, this story takes place in Piqua,Ohio. In the beginning, an asteroid that contained zygo gogozizzle24 crashed into the roof of the hospital, and the gym teacher named Mr.Meaner ate it and became a genius! Then, he escapes to the hospital and goes back to the school. Next, he made a formula that would make any child obey any order from an adult. He also made a giant robot suit that sprays the stinky formula out its armpits. Realizing what’s happening, George and Harold took a glow-in-the-dark time traveling squid suit to thirty years in the future. In the future, George and Harold ask their future selves for help and the future George and Harold agreed. Next, they traveled back to the past and summoned Captain Underpants! When Mr. Meaner saw the wedgie warrior he got his robot suit and fought him but luckily, Mr. Meaner was defeated and put in jail. But even in jail Mr.Meaner could not be contained. Mr.Meaner grew bigger and bigger until he was a huge blob of pure energy! He searched all over town for the wedgie warrior, and he found him! Using every bit of Zygogogozizzle24, he removed all of the alien super power juice out of Mr.Krupp’s D.N.A. so he couldn’t turn into Captain U. anymore. But thankfully, three hamsterdactls named Tony, Orlando and Dawn dropped Diet coke, mentos and pop rocks into his mouth and he exploded! A big pile of goo was left and the hamsterdactls got out. Mr.Meaner got out too but he wasn’t evil nor smart anymore. I loved the book and I would give five stars because the end of this amazing saga was planned so well and was funny as always. To sum it all up, this book was really amazing!


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw


y: Jun-Hee

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw is a fiction book by Jeff Kinney. In this book, the characters are Greg’s Mom,  Greg’s Dad, Greg, Rodrick, Manny, Rowley and Trista. The book is about a journal that Greg wrote. In the beginning of the book, Greg talks about his New Year’s Resolution. In the middle, his dad signed up for soccer tryouts, and Greg made the team. At the ending, Greg and Rowley, (Greg’s friend) saw a girl named Trista. Then, Greg thought of an idea to be with Trista and Greg ran out of paper so he ended his journal. This book is one of the best books I have ever read because it has interesting parts, interesting characters and funny parts.You should get this book and read it. You can get this book from the library or a store like Indigo. I rate this book 5 stars.



Diary  of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway  

By: Thomas

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney, is about a Diary by Greg. In the beginning, Greg goes on a vacation, in the middle, Greg arrives at paradise. The Heffley’s include mom, dad, Rodrick and Manny. Wimpy kid includes Greg. .First, the Heffleys decided to go on a vacation but everything went wrong. There was a spider in his shoe,  and a weird family sits beside him on the plane ride there. A security guard is hunting him down, what else could go wrong? In the end, the Heffleys escape the not so nice paradise. I think this is an exciting book with twists on every corner. And not to mention it is a really famous book. Everybody loves it!



By: Maeve

Wonder is a novel by R.J Palacio is based on a true story.  The characters are  August, Julian Henry Mr. Tushman Mrs.G, Mr. D Jack, Via, Mom, Dad and Summer. There are lots of settings like August’s house, Summer’s house, Jack’s house and the school.

August is only starting school because he has not gone to school before because he was too weak and too sick So he had to be homeschooled by his mom. August had a deformed face. The first day of school was not so good because August had to sit by himself at lunchtime. But he was going to sit with Jack. The problems were at school and at home. The problems at school were that he was getting bullied by Julian and Henry. Then, at home, his grandma died and his dog too. But the kids stopped bullying August because Julian moved away and Henry stood up for August.

I would give this book five stars because it is happy and sad at the same time. If you want a book that will make you laugh and cry choose WONDER!!  


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

By: Luca

This is a book report about Diary Of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. In the beginning, Greg the main character wants his mom to buy him a journal but his mom bought him a diary. Kids made fun of him. In the middle of the book, he got in a play called Wizard of Oz and hated it so much. At the end of the book, Greg wanted to go to his gross friend Fregley’s house to prove to Rowley that he did not need him. But Greg got chased around the house with a burglar and got trapped in the bathroom. If you like a book that will make you smile then you should Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I would rate this book 4 stars. I also think this is good because it has the perfect amount of pages. I also like it because I think it is a hilarious book.                                                  


The Genius Files License to Thrill

By: Vincent

The Genius Files License to Thrill is a novel by Dan Gutman. The story takes place in New Mexico, outer space, Arizona, Las Vegas, and California.  The characters are Coke and Pepsi, Mya and Bones, Dr.Warsaw, John Pian, two bowler dudes, Ben and Bridge Mcdonalds, the health teacher Mrs. Higgens and Judy.  The Genius Files talks about Coke and Pepsi’s adventures and also keeps the reader in a good suspense.  

This book is the last of five books.  The twins Coke and Pepsi have been destroying and killing Dr. Warsaw’s inventions and partners in crime.   Dr. Warsaw together with John Pain and the bowler dudes have been trying to kill Pepsi and Coke.  Maya and Bones have been helping and warning Pepsi and Coke throughout their whole journey.  Dr. Warsaw’s clone and ijot were the two inventions that Coke and Pepsi had a chance to destroy in previous books.

While I was reading it felt like I was there with Coke and Pepsi.  I was drawn to the story so much I couldn’t wait to find out what will happen next.  I like this book so much that I’m looking forward to reading the other 4 books. I give this book 5 stars!



By: Chelsea

HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX is an amazing book by J.K Rowling. The main characters are Ron, Hermione and obviously Harry. The setting is mainly at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I’d give this book 6 stars if there was a 6. In the beginning, Harry uses magic to save his cousin’s life. So then he has to go to a hearing. I thought he was going to get expelled. In the middle of the novel, he gets another defense against the dark arts teacher. Her name is Professor Umbridge. but she’s the worst! She even kicks Harry,  Fred, and George off the Quidditch team.  Near the end, Harry had big News but Dumbledore won’t even look at him. At the end of the chapter, Dumbledore looks at him for a very quick second but his scar hurts like mad! Harry and the Weasleys go to St. Mungo’s Hospital because Arthur Weasley got bitten by a poisonous snake! Even though Mr. Weasley Is very cheerful whenever the healers open the Band-Aids they bleed madly. Mr. Weasley said it was because of the poison in the snake’s fangs. In the meantime, Mad-eye, Tonks And Mrs. Weasley are having a private conversation. They think that Harry is being possessed by Voldemort! Unfortunately, Harry heard it to using the twins Extendable Ears. On the way back to Number 12 Grimmauld place he was in misery. Luckily, he was allowed to go upstairs and have a good sleep because he was awake almost all night. But he didn’t fall asleep because he was too afraid that he was possessed by Voldemort. He had almost a million questions to ask. He thought “I’m just going to have to leave Grimlord place because it’ll be more chances of catching serious. But then if I go to Hogwarts I might possess the students there or even worse Dumbledore and then he’ll control all of the students because he’s the Headmaster.”

So, he decided on one thing. “ I have to go back to  Privet Drive so then I can’t control anyone,” he said. If you want to know Harry’s decisions after that and how the book ends, then you should read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Don’t worry, I promise you’ll enjoy it! And if you love it as much as I did you will want to read the whole Harry Potter series!



By: Felix

Everest is a realistic fiction book by Gordon Korman. This story takes place on Mount-Everest and other mountains as well. The main idea in this story is survival.

In the beginning of the story, the kids have to find the words in Everest on wrappers and show a person. In the middle of the story, the kids have to go in cults for safety. At the end of the story, the five boys try to climb Mount-Everest. I would rate this book five stars because it is a good book and old (at least ten years old). It is a realistic fiction book. If you see a book by Gordon Korman you should read it.




By: Haley

“Wonder” is the true story of a boy named August Pullman in Grade 5. August has facial abnormalities. He was homeschooled until grade 5. Then he went to a private middle school called Beecher Prep.  When August went with his mom to meet the principal, there he met three other children named Julian, Charlotte and Jack Will.  While August’s mom was talking to Mr. Tushman (the middle school advisor) the three children took him to show him the different classrooms of the school. After August and his mom went home.  August’s parents gave him a choice to go to school or not go to school.  On the first day of school, August had one friend named Jack Will. Jack and August were friends but then they weren’t getting along because Jack punched Julian in the face. Jack got suspended for a week. When he came back August and Jack were friends again. I give this book five stars.


Zach King

By: Brayden

Zach King is a book about a kid that has magic powers and his whole family has magic powers too. In the beginning, Zach has a party at his house and his dad did a show with Zach but it didn’t go out well. In the middle, Zach is going down because he had root beer all on him and then because he went flying everywhere he did not know how to use his powers.  Then his mom and dad saw him flying so they used their powers. His mom had a magic ring and his dad had a magic watch. Zach’s mom used her magic ring to make a table into a bed and he landed on that. In the end, Zach was going to real school and not homeschooled anymore. In the morning,  he got packed up and ready to go to school. On the bus, there was nobody in it so he was the first the kid on the bus and it was taking forever. Then he got to school, but at lunch, he was bullied by girls then one of the girls pushed him and he was okay he was inside of the vending machine then he went back home and he did his homework.


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